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    Equity and Access: Education, Housing, and Healthcare

    The Changemaker Challenge invites University of San Diego students, faculty, and staff to employ their imagination, passion, and hard work to generate ideas to face a current social challenge proposed to us by leaders from the San Diego/Tijuana Region.

    The 2018 Changemaker Challenge theme is Equity and Access: Education, Housing, and Healthcare. While equality encourages us to treat everyone the same, equity asks us to treat everyone fairly and justly by acknowledging that not everyone starts from the same place, and therefore not everyone has access to the same opportunities. The Changemaker Challenge provides an opportunity for engaging in idea-generation, thus increasing awareness and knowledge about current social and environmental problems and mobilizing people towards problem solving.


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  • Resources

    Great Content Designed to Support You!

    This playlist explores the issues related to this year's theme, Equity and Access: Education, Housing, and Healthcare. Watching these TED Talks is a great place to begin to learn about how experts in the field are already addressing these issues in their own communities.

    Expand Your Knowledge

    This year's Just Read! selection, $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, discusses the lived experiences of the nearly 1.5 million American households surviving on virtually no cash income. Film screenings, discussions, and other events have been planned to explore the themes of this book and how the USD community can take action.

    Learn about the Issues

    The first step to addressing global challenges is awareness. Take a look at these infographics to learn more about the disparities in access to healthcare, education, and housing.

    Check out last year's finalist videos on our Facebook Page

  • Changemaker Challenge Application

    Applications are due November 19, 2018.

    Submit your application here.


    For any questions on the Changemaker Challenge or issues with this application, please email kburnite@sandiego.edu

  • 2018 Judges

    We are excited to have new judges join us this year!

    Dayanne Izmirian, PhD – Director of Community & Leadership Development
    Jeffery Cirillo– Competitive Sports and Facilities Supervisor
    Manda Sayegh– Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Involvement
    Philip Gamaghelyan, PhD– Assistant Professor of Peace Studies
    Mary Durkin, PhD– Assistant Professor of Accounting
    Martha Fuller, PhD, PPCNP-BC– Associate Professor of Nursing
    Sarah Lyon, PhD– Assistant Professor of Accounting
    Marcus Lam, PhD– Assistant Professor, SOLES
    Moriah Meyskens, PhD– Clinical Professor of Management

    Corin Thornburg– USD Alumna, M.A. in Social Innovation

    Bianca Alvarado– USD Alumna, M.A. in Social Innovation

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