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    Homelessness, Displacement and Migration

    The Changemaker Challenge invites University of San Diego students, faculty, and staff to employ their imagination, passion, and hard work to generate ideas to face a current social challenge proposed to us by leaders from the San Diego/Tijuana Region.

    The 2019 Changemaker Challenge theme is Homelessness, Displacement and Migration. The Changemaker Challenge provides an opportunity for engaging in idea-generation, thus increasing awareness and knowledge about current social and environmental problems and mobilizing people towards problem solving.


    To enter the Challenge, students can work individually or in teams to address an issue that relates to the theme. Students will provide a 2-3 minute video that addresses the questions below. The goal of the Challenge is for students to learn about an important social issue and to consider ways to address the issue. The video will be evaluated by a team of judges and students will then vote for the submissions they prefer. Those entries with the top votes will be awarded cash prizes. The Hub will continue to support any students who want to continue to develop their projects.

  • Another cycle of our annual idea competition to generate ideas to address a current social challenge is coming to an end. Take a look at the top eight videos and vote!

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    Expand Your Knowledge

    This year's Just Read! selection, Tales of Two Americas: Stories of Inequality in a Divided Nation​, discusses some of the literary world’s most exciting writers look beyond numbers and wages to convey what it feels like to live in this divided nation. Their extraordinarily powerful stories, essays, and poems demonstrate how boundaries break down when experiences are shared, and that in sharing our stories we can help to alleviate a suffering that touches so many people. Learn more.

    Learn from the Best here

    This playlist explores the issues related to this year's theme, Homelessness, Displacement and Migration. Watching these TED Talks is a great place to begin to learn about how experts in the field are already addressing these issues in their own communities.

    Find more information about homelessness and food insecurity here 

    The primary aim of the Urgent Challenges Collective, which is funded through a two-year strategic initiative grant from the University of San Diego, is to provide new opportunities for studying and addressing homelessness and food insecurity in our local community. The work of the Collective is inclusive of the entire campus community with a focus on four core areas: research projects, course development, community engagement, and advocacy initiatives/events.

  • Examples of recent Changemaker

    Challenge videos

    Historias del Barrio

    HOST which provides support to homeless college students

    Unleashing Hispanic Potential

    Children’s Map

  • Changemaker Challenge Application

    Applications are due November 14, 2019 (midnight).

    Submit your application today. (the link will take you to the MySanDiego Portal, where you can input your personal information and was well as team information if you are entering as a team)


    For any questions on the Changemaker Challenge or issues with this application, please email changemaker@sandiego.edu

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    Check out the Challenge Rubric.


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