• Up for the Challenge?

    Addressing Homelessness

    The Changemaker Challenge invites University of San Diego students, faculty, and staff to employ their imagination, passion, and hard work to generate ideas addressing a current social challenge proposed to us by leaders from the San Diego/Tijuana region.

    Each year, the Changemaker Challenge selects an urgent challenge for the entire campus community to address. The 2020 Changemaker Challenge is addressing homelessness in San Diego.

    To enter the Challenge, students can work individually or in teams to address one of the five prompts provided by two of our community partners (Think Dignity and PATH). Students will provide a 2-3 minute video that addresses the questions below. The video will be evaluated by a team of judges and students will then vote for the submissions they prefer. Those entries with the top votes will be awarded cash prizes. The Hub will continue to support any students who want to continue to develop their projects.

  • Our Community Challenges to Address

    As Identified by our Partners

    1. PATH- Client Engagement- How might we help PATH provide opportunities during COVID-19 for clients to engage in a way that will allow them to connect with others and that is safe and dignified?
    2. PATH- Better Known in SD- How might we help PATH become better known in the San Diego region in a way that educates and empowers local community members to become active in their communities to drive change?
    3. Think Dignity- Mobile Showers- How might we help Think Dignity reimagine its sanitation process in a way that it complies with sanitation guidelines, is safe for clients, and cost and time effective for the organization, especially during a pandemic?
    4. Think Dignity- Hygiene Products​- How might we help Think Dignity provide access to feminine hygiene products to their clients in a way that it provides privacy while helping break the stigma?
    5. Think Dignity- Storage Access- How might we help Think Dignity provide access for those experiencing homelessness in areas further from downtown to store their personal items in a way that is convenient and safe so that they can have more opportunities to move freely and to take care of their daily needs?
    Learn more about each of these prompts. Read the Community Partner briefs!
  • Meet Our Community Partners

    Think Dignity

    Hands-on Activism & Advocacy with the Homeless

    With a combination of on-the-ground research and monthly open forums, Think Dignity utilizes a collaborative volunteer based method to address their mission: To inspire, empower, and organize our community to advance basic dignity for those living on the streets. Read Think Dignity's Changemaker Challenge Brief.


    Making It Home

    With the mission and vision of eradicating homelessness, PATH works towards the "Housing First" model by supplying those experiencing homelessness with permanent housing, mental and medical healthcare, case management, employment training, and many more forms of support. Read PATH's Changemaker Challenge Brief.

  • The following ideas were selected to be piloted in the Spring 2021 Semester

    PATH: A Voice for the Homeless Podcast

    PATH: Community Garden

    Think Dignity: Boutique Boxes

    Think Dignity: Mobile Sanitation-Use of Vital Oxide

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  • Judges for PATH Submissions

    Changemaker Challenge 2020

    Justine Rapp Farrell

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    Juan Roche

    Professor of Practice,
    Center for Peace and Commerce Faculty Advisor

    Manda Sayegh

    Associate Director of Student Activities and Involvement

    Erin Lovette-Colyer

    Director, Gender Identity Resources

    Sigrid Struben

    PATH Kitchen and Volunteer Coordinator

    Peter Marlow

    Associate Vice President, University Communications

    Silvia Mah

    Director, Center for Peace and Commerce

  • Judges for Think Dignity Submissions

    Changemaker Challenge 2020

    V. Dozier

    Assistant Professor, Education Librarian

    Juliet Zimmer

    Coordinator, Center for Peace and Commerce

    Julia Campagna

    University Minister

    Ryan Jumamil
    Director, Student Support Services

    Susannah Stern

    Professor, Communication Studies

    Honors Program Director

    Merlynn Watanabe

    Programs & Operations Manager, Think Dignity

    Ana Domínguez

    Microenterprise Business Counselor, International Rescue Committee

    Trey McDonald

    Director of Sustainability

    Martha Adkins
    Associate Professor, Reference Librarian

    Sienna George

    Social Impact Strategist, Oliver Russell

    Elisa Lurkis

    Director of Development and Alumni Relations, School of Engineering